The Key To Losing Weight Fast: A Sustainable Plan

 Lose Weight Fast



A lot of people have begun the year with the goal of losing weight fast, and a lot of them are even aware that mathematically, weight loss is a simple function of burning more calories than you consume. If you burn 2000 calories a day, and consume 1800, you will lose weight. No expert will argue with that. The challenge is finding a weight loss plan that will put you in a calorie deficit consistently, over the long run, and improve your health at the same time. 

Think Long-Term

 As mentioned above, you need a long-term weight loss plan. A drastic calorie-chopping diet is not the answer. It will lead to drastic weight loss, will damage your health and energy levels, and all your weight will come right back, the moment you get back to a regular diet. You need a weight loss plan that is sustainable, and ideally, one that involves both diet and exercise. Only when you lose weight consistently with sustainable habits, will you be able to achieve and maintain a healthy body.

 Be Practical

 A sustainable plan means you need to set diet targets that are practical. So, if you love sweets, and your plan involves giving them up suddenly, altogether, that is not practical. You will only make yourself suffer, following which you are likely to fail, get frustrated and depressed. Instead, cut down on sweets gradually and partially, have a strategy to deal with your cravings, and for the time when your craving strikes, keep a healthier alternative, such as a fruit, close at hand. All in all, if you can substitute instant, processed foods, with more wholesome, fibre-rich and natural foods, to whatever extent, you are on the right track.

 Incorporate Any Exercise

 As any expert will tell you, exercise is also very important for losing weight fast. But, once again, you need to be practical. Keep in mind your interests and your current levels of fitness, and set your exercise targets accordingly. You don’t need to necessarily slog in a gym to lose weight. You could play a sport, go cycling, swim, go out for a run, or even step out for a brisk walk. Any form of aerobic exercise that gets you moving will tone your muscles and burn calories. So, choose according to what you like best. Naturally, since your body will adapt to the routine in a couple of months, you would then need to raise the level of challenge. According to most medical sources, 2 ½ hours of exercise a week will keep you fit and strong.

Before you decide to incorporate any exercise in your weight loss plan, you should consult a health expert, especially if you have been physically inactive for several years. If you have any history of physical problems and injuries, an expert may make constructive recommendations to keep you safe from further injuries.

 The Right Mental Attitude

 Your mental attitude is also very important. Stay patient and don’t get obsessed with the weighing scale. Give yourself at least two months to see substantial change. Also, if you find your weight loss plan is not working for you, be prepared to alter it according to your limitations and lifestyle. Remember, the objective is long-term change. So, gradual progress is fine. Besides, whatever plan you set for losing weight fast, if you see some tangible results, reward yourself with a treat, such as a shopping trip.

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