5 Essential Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast



The net is full of ‘expert’ articles that suggest a healthy diet and exercise as the best ways to lose belly fat. They are certainly not wrong, but the problem is that such generalized tips can hardly work miracles for the average person struggling with the challenges of a hectic work life. What you need is something more specific.


Here are some effective tips to lose belly fat fast that you should be able to easily incorporate into your lifestyle.


Blend Exercise Into Your Life


Even if you cannot make special time for exercise right now, you needn’t put off your weight loss goals to a future date. Start getting your body used to the idea of exercise by using the stairs instead of the elevator, brisk walking for errands or parking your car a block away from work.


You will not only strengthen yourself, but also burn excess calories, and still be able to go about your day normally. Don’t be surprised if just these simple lifestyle changes help you drop a few pounds!


Short and Intense


If your schedule allows time for aerobic exercise, make it short and intense. For instance, rather than just jogging at one pace for 30 minutes, try to apply ‘interval training’. This means that you intersperse your jog with 2-3 evenly timed, faster paced intervals. This will be a lot more productive for rapid weight loss.


So, after warming up, you could do a 30 second fast-paced interval followed by a 60-second regular paced jog, and then follow it with 2-3 more repetitions. If you have more energy in the tank, you could do another similar set after 5-6 minutes of light jogging. Interval training is something that can be done with any cardiovascular exercise.


Interval training burns a lot more calories in the given time than regular slow paced aerobic exercise, which leads to faster weight loss. It also helps you build more muscle, and this speeds up your metabolism, so that you burn more calories even at rest.


Control Stress and Get Enough Sleep


These are crucial lifestyle changes, if you want to lose belly fat fast. If you don’t get enough sleep, your metabolism will be sluggish and your body will lack energy. As a result, you will not be able to sustain any form of exercise, and your body will anyway burn less calories.


As far as stress goes, if you can’t control it, you are likely to binge on comfort food. You know how that will disrupt your weight loss goals! So, if you are trying to focus on  exercise and diet, without stress reduction and enough sleep, you are already fighting a losing battle.


Snack Healthy…


With a bit of effort, we can all manage reasonably healthy meals, but what really piles on the calories without you realizing it, are the snacks you eat. It is almost like the make or break factor for people trying to lose belly fat fast.


So, rather than a burger, crisps or sugary, packaged food, keep a fruit handy as well as a handful of raisins and nuts for your mid-afternoon pangs. You could even keep some peanut butter with you and have it with whole wheat crackers or in a sandwich. With healthy snacking, you can save yourself up to 500 calories a day. And this is the equivalent of 2 kg a month!


The idea of these tips to lose belly fat is to help you actually implement sustainable and healthy changes into your lifestyle. Without these, you will struggle to achieve your fitness goals.

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