Gymming for Weight Loss: The 5 Essential Tips



A lot of people find that working out in a gym keeps them disciplined and motivated towards achieving their weight loss goals. Besides, the help of a professional fitness trainer and knowing the right way to do particular exercises, gives a scientific edge to your workout routine. So, if you are planning to join a gym to lose weight fast, here is some essential information.


Gymming Not Indispensable for Weight Loss


To begin with, you must know that while you may be looking forward to joining a gym, it is not a mandatory component of a weight loss routine. Countless people have succeeded at losing weight without joining a gym, by simply implementing a personal exercise regime and a balanced and healthy diet. So, even if you don’t have the money or time to sign up with a gym just yet, you can still begin losing weight.


A Good Trainer


If you haven’t worked out in a gym before, you may feel fairly lost the first time you step in. It is absolutely imperative that you get the guidance of a trained fitness instructor. Any good trainer will ask about your physical capabilities, objectives, and exercise and medical history, before getting you started. Stay away from trainers who want to get you started without bothering to find out about your background.




As far as muscle building and strengthening is concerned, you need to start very slowly and focus on learning the right form and posture before you start challenging yourself with heavier weights or more repetitions. The first week or so your body will still be acclimatizing to this new demand, so be careful not to overstrain yourself.


Cardiovascular Exercises


If your objective is to lose weight fast, you will need to focus on cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, running, rowing, or cycling.


A gym has several different kinds of equipment for cardiovascular exercises, and each of these offers your body and muscles a different kind of a challenge. You can get on the stationary bike, the elliptical cross trainer, the treadmill or the rowing machine for a thorough fat busting session of cardio.


It is best to choose according to your interests and your physical capabilities and limitations. So, if you have had an impact-related injury on one of your legs from excessive walking or running, it is best to stick to stationary bike, cross trainer or rowing machine. However, if you have trouble with your back, you may opt for the comfort and support of a recumbent bike.


Warm Up and Cool Down


It is also very important to do a proper warm up and cool down at either end of your gym session. Beginners can easily lose sight of this, but it is the stretching you do at the beginning that keeps your body supple and free of typical workout injuries and strains. The cool down at the end protects you from cramping up the next day and aids your recovery.


Rest and Recovery


Finally, give yourself enough rest and recovery, because it is only in the period of rest following a workout that your muscles will grow and adapt and you will become stronger. As a beginner, you should not be Gymming more than 4-5 times a week.


By following these simple tips, you will be able to enjoy your gym sessions, stay motivated and lose weight pretty quickly.


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