Exercise as you Go :The Key to Fast Weight Loss



Our constant complaint in today’s world is that there is simply no time in our schedule to accommodate an exercise routine. With such sedentary lifestyles, how can we hope to achieve fast weight loss? And, if for a minute, we stop thinking about slimming and losing weight, we don’t even have the time to keep our body fit and healthy. This has got to change.


Exercise is very important – you and I cannot argue that. However, it is also true that most people have such hectic lifestyles that they cannot make time to go to a gym or have a proper workout routine. There is way too much on your plate already, isn’t there?


  1. Pumping Iron isn’t the only form of exercise


Having said that, I will also point out that exercise isn’t simply about lifting weights in the gym, running laps in the field, or spending your money on expensive fitness centers. Exercise means keeping yourself active and your body in momentum. If you look around, there are various things you can do to add a little bit of exercise into the most fast-paced routine. They may not help you lose weight by the pounds, but you will have a stronger and healthier life.


  1. Approach your workout with intelligence


Let’s make one more thing clear – contrary to popular misconception you don’t need to exercise nonstop for forty five minutes to an hour to lose weight. If you don’t have the time, it’s unreasonable to make such demands on it.


A better option would be to break up your exercise routine into shorter sessions so that you have multiple workouts in a day. This way, there is less pressure on you to make time for a workout. Besides, research has shown that those who do shorter bouts of exercises find it easier to stick to their routine. They could exercise more days in the week and achieve more weight loss than those who exercised for an extended period of time in a day.


  1. Intelligent Workouts Tips for Busy Bees


Here are some tips that do not require you to make any major changes in your life and yet will help you get slim and stay fit.


  • ·Skip taking the elevator. Use the stairs instead.
  • ·If your office is relatively close to home, walk or bike it down to work. You burn calories, lose weight and save money on petrol.
  • ·If you take the bus or subway to work, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.
  • ·Keep some light weights handy around your cabin/cubicle. Smuggle in a quick workout session during lunch or coffee breaks. If your office has an in-house fitness centre, make time for short ten minute workouts at least twice a day.


These tips are sure to help you achieve fast weight loss without having to turn your life topsy-turvy or cursing yourself for lack of time. Have fun and stay healthy!

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