Best Ways To Achieve Weight Loss While Traveling

 Weight Loss Tips For Travelers



So, you are constantly on the move, traveling for work, and what’s more, a vacation is round the corner! In the madness of hopping planes and destinations, you may be worried that your new year weight loss goals will go out of the window. However, weight loss while traveling is possible, if you know the obstacles and the best ways to get past them. Here are some ideas to help you lose weight on the go.


Workout in Your Room


You will be amazed to find out how many weight loss workout routines there are that can be done in the narrow space of a hotel room. You could do on-the-spot jumping and an aerobics workout for your cardio, and you could easily stretch and do a strength routine as well. Exercises such as squats, push ups, chair dips, leg raises and crunches don’t require any equipment, and still give you an exhilarating workout to help achieve weight loss goals.




Walking is something you could do anywhere. It is an excellent weight loss workout, and perfect while you are traveling. Even if you are on business, you may get some time to do sightseeing. Explore the place while you walk. A walking tour is the best way to take in the new atmosphere and it will also help you burn a load of calories.


If you are out on vacation, you could book a room in a hotel that is a little way away from the city center. It will save you a chunk of money, and will also be a good excuse to get in some serious walking.


Fitness Centers


If your budget allows it, choose a hotel with a good fitness center. The reason I’m especially emphasizing on the ‘good’ part is because what a lot of hotels offer is a sad excuse for a fitness center. A couple of pieces of old equipment in a drab looking room becomes a fitness center. Such a place will not inspire you in the least to do a weight loss workout. Make sure you get an unbiased review of the fitness center, before choosing. Some hotels also offer complimentary passes or hefty discounts on swanky neighborhood fitness center. So, make sure you ask.


Drinking Water


People who begin with determined plans to continue with weight loss while traveling sometimes forget the essentials, such as drinking water. When you are overwhelmed with a new place, a disruption to your routine and pressure of work, it is easy to forget this basic step. However, when you don’t drink enough, you start to get dehydrated, your metabolism becomes sluggish, and it becomes difficult for you to achieve your weight loss goals.


Eating Healthy Away From Home


It is not easy to eat healthy in a new place, when you are stressed, hundreds of miles away from your home, and confronting food temptations around every corner, not to mention local delicacies. It is best not to get Spartan, however. Sample local tastes and have some fun, but make sure that majority of your meals are healthy.


Avoid junk calories where they are not needed. For instance, if your only objective for the afternoon is to keep yourself full, stop by a local grocery store and pick up a healthy snack, a handful of nuts or a few pieces of fruit. A lot of restaurants also serve light (calorie-wise) meals nowadays, for people who have weight loss goals.


With these steps, there is no reason why you cannot achieve weight loss while traveling.

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Dec 09, 2012 - 21:39:42
i've been watching the intnsiay infomercial and i noticed that everyone on there is already slim in some form or fashion. i have yet to see someone of my statue perform the drills. i am 25 years old, 5'3, and 263lbs. i really want to try this. My question is: is the intnsiay program designed for heavier people with more than 30lbs to lose?

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