Lose Weight Fast by Learning the Difference between Laurel and Hardy

 Weight Loss - Leran From Laurel and Hardy




We all know how odd Laurel and Hardy look together, and really, no one wants to look like either of them. In fact, you wouldn’t believe it, but Hardy himself has become aware of diet and fitness. He wants to lose weight fast, and shed his stereotypical image along with it. He’s been asking around for help, and after a lot of frustration with his weight loss efforts, he’s finally learnt the one thing he never knew!


The Different Body Types


What he has learnt is no secret really: the science of body types. The knowledge has been around for a while, but it is surprising how little people know about it. There are three major body-types amongst human beings, and they each have different characteristics, and require different approaches for weight gain or weight loss. As far as appearances go, they can be visually identified as lean and gangly (Laurel), broad and stocky (Hardy), and athletic (Superman). The group in which Hardy fits in is known as endomorph. 




People who are predominantly or completely endomorphs have a broad and thick bone structure, short and thick limbs and a wide waist circumference. Their natural metabolic rate tends to be slow, they can put on weight easily, and consequently their bodies have a tendency to look round and soft. Not all people are pure endomorphs but Hardy certainly is. Now that he has recognized this, he has to channel his weight loss efforts accordingly.


Diet for Endomorphs


Since endomorphs tend to put on weight very quickly, diet control is extremely crucial. High fat foods, calorie-rich processed foods, alcohol and sweets should be avoided as far as possible. The emphasis needs to be on a wholesome and balanced diet, and eating 5-6 small meals a day rather than 2 big ones. Unfortunately, they will pay the penalty for frequent binging or becoming lax with their diet.


Cardiovascular Exercise for Endomorphs


To get slim, Hardy and all other endomorphs need to place extra-emphasis on cardiovascular exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, or rope jumping (skipping). Any of these should be done at least 5 times a week at moderate intensity, for a minimum of 20 minutes each session. Something like cycling can easily be integrated into your lifestyle, and even a leisurely ride can burn up to 450-500 calories an hour.


The Right Weight Training


As far as weight and muscle training goes, there is good news for endomorphs. Thanks to their physical properties, they have a natural ability for muscle development, and even moderate muscle training will yield excellent results. That’s why they don’t need to work with very heavy weights. Hardy and his peers should emphasize on moderate weights and more number of repetitions (12-15 for each exercise).


By staying committed to these steps, even pure endomorphs like Hardy will be able to lose weight fast and maintain the weight loss and muscle gain process. It is important to remember that while every body type has its own constraints, they re not such that can’t be overcome.


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