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If you want to lose weight fast, it would be natural to turn to celebrities for inspiration. After all, whether it’s on the screen, on the beach, on magazine covers or at red carpet events, they all look like goddesses. However, the unfortunate fact is that a lot of that thinness that you see in the media is brought about by unhealthy diet practices, and the great looks are often the result of grooming, make-up and airbrushing. In the 21st century, we have mastered the art of creating illusions, and it is best if you are not taken in by them.


There are only a handful of female celebrities who endorse real fitness, and are therefore, real weight loss inspirations. Kate Middleton, now Duchess Catherine after her recent marriage with Prince William, is one of them. Here is how Kate Middleton stays fit and maintains her excellent figure.


Kate’s Diet


One thing about Kate is that she is a very private person, and does not often speak about herself. Nevertheless, she has at times dropped clear hints about her fitness secrets. To begin with, unlike her mother and sister, she does not endorse any specialized or unusual weight loss diet plan. She keeps it simple, and believes in a healthy and balanced diet, rich in raw fruits, vegetables and other foods that have a low glycaemic index.


If you are wondering what exactly a low glycaemic index is, it refers to food items that your body takes long to break down in the digestive process. This means that you get sustained energy release for a long period of time, and you remain full and satisfied for longer. Consequently, you are also less likely to overeat. All this is excellent not just from a weight maintenance perspective but also a weight loss one.


Whole grains, egg whites, lean meats, pasta, and unrefined bread, flour and rice all have a low GI, and are excellent ingredients in a weight loss diet.


Workout and an Active Lifestyle


Another thing that people should take a lot of inspiration from is that an active lifestyle is an integral part of Kate Middleton’s fitness regime. She has always been athletically inclined, and obviously genuinely cares about keeping her body strong. Her exercise regime consists of a healthy mix of different workouts. As far as cardiovascular exercises go, she enjoys running and rowing, two major calorie burners. She is known to enjoy both these exercises outdoors as well as in the gym.


To keep her muscles strong and toned, Kate does resistance and weight training in the gym. Some form of weight training is essential for you, as a woman, to keep your figure in great shape. Apart from giving you a killer body, toned and strong muscles also increase your metabolism. This means that you burn more calories in a day, even at rest. This is precisely what you need to lose weight fast.


Kate rounds off her exercise regime with Yoga, a very thorough system of stretching and flexibility. By keeping her body supple and flexible, she minimizes the risk of injury and improves her breathing, endurance and core strength.


As you can see, Kate Middleton’s fitness regime is comprehensive, consisting of a good diet and exercise. If you are willing to put in the effort, you can follow a similar strategy to lose weight fast, and then maintain a healthy body weight for as long as you live.

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