Want to Lose Weight Fast with Sugar-Free Sweeteners? Think Again!

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It is commonly known that sugar is loaded with calories and leads to weight gain, both directly and indirectly. So, when people embark on a journey to lose weight fast, they start cutting back on their sugar consumption. However, since it is not so easy to just give up the tasty indulgence of a rich dessert, technology came up with a convenient substitute: low-calorie artificial sweeteners. The sweetness remains but the calories are gone. It sounds like the perfect weight loss solution. But a couple of years ago, a university research group in the US questioned this logic and came up with a startling discovery – artificial sweeteners may disrupt weight loss rather than aiding it.

Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain


The conclusion is certainly counterintuitive, but it is backed by solid reasoning. The key lies in our body’s automatic mechanism. Since all sweet foods, whether naturally occurring or prepared in a kitchen, are high in calories, whenever the tongue tastes something sweet, the body prepares itself to receive a substantial amount of calories. The core body temperature also rises, as the metabolic system speeds up to meet the body’s imminent digestive requirements. However, an artificially sweetened dessert breaks the link between sweet taste and high calories, and confuses the body.


When the calories don’t turn up from the dessert or diet soda, the body demands more food, and one is tempted to over-eat. Over-eating, naturally involves excess calories. Also, the core body temperature may stop rising so much when all the sweet foods coming in are low-calorie. This leads to a sluggish metabolism, and rather than burning the excess calories, the body stores them away, leading to fat gain.


Proof and Evidence


These studies have been performed on rats and not been scientifically proven for humans. However, there is some evidence available that strongly suggests that artificial sweeteners may not actually lead to weight loss. To begin with, obesity is growing in America at an alarming rate, and has already reached an unprecedented level, despite the prevalence of dozens of sugar-free sweets and diet drinks. They are obviously not helping. Then, a study has also revealed that consuming more diet soda is linked to a greater risk of obesity. At the end of the day, this reasoning has to be taken seriously, even though it hasn’t been directly proven yet. It does seem that, all said and done, there really is no short-cut for people who want to lose weight fast. You can’t escape from a healthy, balanced diet and regular exercise.


Bear in mind that all this reasoning does not meant that you should go back to sugar. Let it only appear sparingly in your diet, because apart from obesity, there are other health risks associated with sugar too, such as heart diseases and diabetes. But it will serve you well to remember that your body is probably too smart to be tricked.

Dec 10, 2012 - 05:26:58
Hello everyone. I am here busaece i am pretty confused as why i am losing weight when i eat 5-6 times a day. I am in my early twenties and i am 90% good at feeding myself the right food and taking care of myself. I love chocolates, ice creams, funnel cakes, brownies anything you can imagine. i eat one or two of them at a very small size just to get the taste of them ( for example, 2 small squares hershey's cookies and cream chocolate or a mini brownie) and store the rest for the next day or so. i am very health conscious busaece i want to live longer, enjoy my life longer. i do eat healthy foods and sometimes fried food but why do i lose weight? i went down from a size 7-9 to a 5-7 recently. i am confused busaece i eat often and i lose weight? can anyone explain this?Example of my typical meals and snacks through out my day:Breakfast: 2 slices of 12 grain bread with one teaspoon of nutella and 8 oz of soy milksnack : 1 kellogs protein bar or 1 mini brownie and 1 cup of hot ovaltine or 1bananalunch : garden salad with grilled chicken breast or orange chicken with stir fry veggiessnack : apple or a small packet of cheetos or 2 squares of hershey's with bananadinner : grilled salmon with salad or mash potatoes and veggies, or steak with broccolisnack : 1 cup of hot ovaltine and 1 medium sized chocolate cookies or 1 banana or 1 ini brownie.The question is, i eat often. i eat pretty much a lot. but why do i lose weight? i dont overeat, but i do eat anything that i want. i dont like diet stuff like diet coke, skinny cow ice cream, no fat cheese, fat free ranch? they taste horrible. so i eat everything regular full sugar and fats. i dont understand why. i am pretty slim and i dont want to lose anymore weight! so what should i eat more to maintain my weight? i am a waitress and everyday i serve 8 tables at a time. so i need to maintain my weight but healthily. should i eat more? or should i exercise less? since april this year, the business picked up and i have been working full time serving many customers. i guess that was when the weight loss started. i am not sure. please explain this funny weigh loss and how do i maintain my weight healthily. thank you

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