How To Lose Weight As You Get On In Years - 4 Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

 Weight Loss In Old Age




If you have just hit your 60s and put on some weight over the years, you may be concerned that you will not be able to lose weight fast. All the popular weight loss programs and a wide array of ‘before and after’ pictures feature younger people, with fresher and more youthful bodies. The inspirational weight loss stories are also full of people in their 40s. so, what about the large group of 60+ people out there? Well, the good news is that you can achieve weight loss too, and you don’t need to sweat out a marathon to do it either.


1.      Understanding Your Body’s Changes


Naturally, your body is not the same machine it was a couple of decades back. Your metabolism falls as you grow older and you also lose muscle mass. The combination of these factors means that you will have to work harder to lose weight than if you were in your late 30s or 40s. However, you needn’t be shattered over these natural changes. The good news is that you can still regain some of your muscle mass and earlier metabolism levels. To achieve both these changes, there is a common answer: exercise.


2.      Exercise


Exercise does not mean that you need to sweat it out in a gym and torture yourself in the process. Respect your body’s capabilities and limitations, and build your potential slowly. Even if you start off with a brisk walk every other day or a bit of light cycling, you will be burning extra calories and toning your muscles. Provided your calorie consumption remains the same, you will be losing weight. Remember, whatever your age, weight loss is only healthy when it is a gradual process and a cumulative result of healthy lifestyle changes. Even if you can lose 1 kg every month with a healthier lifestyle, that will be excellent progress. Imagine where you will be in six months!


3.      The ‘Right’ Exercise


Before you choose a suitable exercise program to lose weight, it is important you consult your physician and make a choice that will not aggravate any health problems or injuries you are susceptible to.


4.      Diet


The other essential part of losing weight is your diet. Your body just cannot handle the kind of abuse it did in your younger days, so you need to watch before you guzzle down your soda and burger. It is time to seriously cut down on simple sugars, processed foods and alcohol. Why not embrace healthier food sources that will make you feel more energetic and stronger? High-quality lean proteins are vital. You will find them in egg white, skimmed milk, lean meats, nuts, beans and seeds. A variety of fruits and vegetables are also vital for your long-term health, as they will keep your calorie consumption and nutrient balance in check. Also, have lots of water and choose something like a glass of green tea over a soda.


At the end of the day, with these lifestyle changes, you will find yourself achieving better health and fitness, and you will also be able to lose weight.

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