The Best Celebrity Workouts for Weight Loss

 Workouts and Weight Loss



Weight loss is a challenge that adults all over the world are facing, especially with 21st century lifestyles. In this context, it is only natural that there is so much interest in how pop stars and actresses manage to maintain such enviable figures. Guess what? Most of them have had to work really hard to lose weight and maintain their figures. Here are some of the best celebrity workouts for weight loss.


Madonna’s Fitness Secret


Madonna has been a pop icon for three decades now, but even as she grows older, her body shows no sign of deterioration. She is not just thin, but actually strong and shapely. Her muscles have always had great tone, and still do, even as she hovers around the 50-year mark. How does she do it?


Motivation and consistency are Madonna’s greatest assets. The weight loss workouts have changed over the years, but one thing that hasn’t is her drive. Currently she does Pilates and Yoga six days a week, and goes horse-riding on Sundays. She also uses her power plate machine for fifteen minutes at a time as a calorie burning and muscle toning workout.


The major lesson for weight loss that one can pick from Madonna is that success in health and fitness goals is not a short-term endeavor. You need to make sustainable  and healthy lifestyle changes, and then maintain them. This will not only help you achieve your weight loss goals, but also maintaining a healthy weight


Lessons from Cheryl Cole


Amongst the younger pop stars, Cheryl Cole is one of the most popular, and has a great figure. She is also one of those stars who have worked hard to achieve their weight loss goals. Some months back she had put on quite a bit of weight. To get rid of that fat, she worked out consistently with her personal trainer. Her fitness regime consisted of running on the treadmill and a series of resistance exercises with weights. Of course, she controlled the quality of her diet as well. The result is there for everyone to see!


Cheryl Cole’s workout regime demonstrates that achieving a great figure is a function of two essential kinds of exercise: cardiovascular and weight training. While a cardiovascular exercise will help you burn a load of calories during the exercise, weight training will tone your muscles and speed up your overall metabolism. Muscle toning will give you the taut, slim shape you desire and a faster metabolism will mean quicker weight loss.


A Myth about Weight Training


Some women worry that doing weight training will make them bulk up like a man. That is a myth, however. A woman’s body does not produce enough testosterone for heavy muscle development. All muscle training will do is develop lean muscle mass, which is essential for that youthful look and killer body shape.


Katy Perry Keeps it Simple


There are other celebrity workouts for weight loss that are very effective, and extremely accessible as well. For instance, Katy Perry swears by jump rope. She carries her rope with her wherever she goes, and she loves the rhythm and energy of a jump-rope workout. A jump rope is cheap and easy to carry, and can be used as a great cardiovascular and muscle toning exercise. It burns a load of calories, and so will help you achieve your weight loss goals fast.


What these stars prove is that weight loss is not an elite aspiration. It is possible to anyone, provided they are willing to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle and remain disciplined.

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