Great Weight Loss Foods - Cinnamon

 Cinnamon Diet For Weight Loss

Linda Jones


Cinnamon is a commonly used spice in cooking and baking for flavoring foods and desserts. Cinnamon is also a very important ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine. Studies have shown very interesting results on use of cinnamon for our wellness.

Cinnamon contains Cortisol, a compound known to lower stress levels. It is also a great antioxidant and therefore cinnamon water is used as a body cleanser and detoxifier in the Orient and Asian home remedy system. This quality of cinnamon makes it an important food for weight loss as stress has a direct relation to our blood sugar level with causes weight gain or loss.

It is established clinically that cinnulin, cinnamon extract is effective for control of blood sugar levels, thereby increasing the efficiency of body insulin, resulting in an effective weight loss or no weight gain.

One can use cinnamon in various forms in the foods. The most common being to sprinkle powdered cinnamon for flavoring or to add cinnamon sticks while cooking food. Cinnamon water is made by either boiling cinnamon stick and straining the water or by soaking cinnamon overnight in a glass of water overnight and drinking it in the morning.

Your Flat Belly is just a cinnamon stick away!

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