Top Weight Loss Foods - Garlic

 Use Garlic To Lose Weight



Garlic is yet another wonder ingredient that has been improving the taste and flavor of our food for centuries. However, very few realize the real benefits of garlic for our overall wellbeing. People have been using garlic pearl for control of cholesterol and back pain. At least I saw my Granny talk about it and how garlic helped her with her back pain. Today, once scientists have analyzed garlic thoroughly, we know how importance garlic in our daily lives.

Nutritionally, garlic is rich in minerals like calcium, iron and potassium; it also contains good amounts of vitamins A, B, C and E. However the wonderful compound allicin found in garlic make it a favorite of those wanting to shed a few layer of fat around their belly.

It is established that allicin is a very good appetite suppressant.  Naturally if you do not feel hungry, you won’t eat, forcing the body to burn fat to generate the energy it needs to function by using the accumulated extra fat on the body. Now do you understand how garlic helps you to lose weight? Not a rocket science after all.

The best way to eat garlic is in its raw form. Some of us, however do not like the strong flavor of garlic, for them, the options are to use cooked garlic in food, as a garnish or the last recommendation being garlic pills. It must be born in mind that the effect of garlic on the body is also in the same order. While a moderate garlic intake of 3 pearl per day should be enough, you will be well advised to consult a dietitian for best dietary intake for you.

So let’s get on with it. Start shedding some weight and get back in shape.

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